Obtaining Emergency and Restorative Treatment From Dentists in Midwest City OK After a Workplace Injury

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Dentist

When someone experiences a dental injury at work, workers compensation should cover emergency dental service and any restoration that is needed later. Many Dentists in Midwest City OK provide emergency service, but the matter of workers compensation can be a more complicated issue. Some dentists advertise on the website that they accept these patients and even help them fill out the paperwork. Others accept patients with workplace injuries but do not assist with the claims process.

These are matters a person probably does not want to deal with while seeking emergency treatment for teeth that have been knocked loose or knocked out, or teeth that have become broken or seriously chipped due to a workplace incident. It’s best to find prompt assistance, so the dentist has the best chance of saving all or some of the teeth that were affected. The patient may need to have dental insurance to obtain the emergency assistance at some clinics or may need to pay for at least some of the care at the time of service. This varies depending on the practitioner. After workers compensation forms are filed and the payment is approved, the dental insurance provider or the individual is reimbursed for payments already made.

Dentists in Midwest City OK who offer emergency service also can provide restorative and essential treatment at a future appointment. This should also be covered by workers comp. Teeth that could not be saved should be replaced with dental implants. Those that were knocked loose but could be kept in place almost invariably will eventually need root canal therapy because of trauma to the tooth’s root. Teeth that need root canal therapy turn dark; if they are in front, that compromises the person’s smile. A porcelain crown is the preferred method for resolving this problem, and it also adds some protection for the tooth. The dentist might recommend that a chipped tooth have a porcelain veneer or a porcelain crown even if the root was not damaged. A dental practice such as Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates can provide all these services to patients who experience dental injuries at work. Find more information at their website.

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