Navigating The World Of Dental Practice Sales For Sale in San Diego

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Dentist

There are a limited number of dental practice sales for Sale in San Diego. When is the right time for a dentist to own their own practice? What are the benefits of owning a practice? Are there any downsides? Those are just some of the questions that dentists have to ask themselves when thinking of buying a dental practice.

Moving To A New City

Over 20 percent of dentists who buy dental practices are doing so because they are moving to new cities and want immediate access to an established customer base. Dentists looking for dental practice sales for sale in San Diego are no different. With an established practice, a dentist can avoid spending months and months trying to get patients. A dentist who buys a practice can work on increasing an already successful practice, which can be a lot more money in the long run.


Some successful dentists will buy practices in their cities to limit competition. If a dentist operates in a community that isn’t too big, buying a competing practice is a good strategy. In larger cities, it can have less of an effect. In the suburbs, people might not want to commute all the way to the big city to visit a dentist. A dentist operating in the suburbs can easily increase their revenue by purchasing a practice in their area of operation.

To Buy Or To Start From Scratch

Should a dentist buy an existing practice or start a new one? In either case, a dentist is probably going to have to take out a loan to have their practice. The difference is that an existing practice will have money already coming into it. An existing practice might be bringing in well over $300,000 a year already. As long as a dentist can keep most of those patients, they will be making money. Starting a new practice is much more difficult because a dentist will have to attract their patients.

Buying a practice is a big decision. It comes with many benefits. It also means more responsibility because the dentist becomes a small business owner. Visit the website to find out more about buying a dental practice.

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