Modern Dentistry Services in Garden City, NY: A Noteworthy Change from 50 Years Ago

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Dentist

Senior citizens and some younger folks remember what dentistry was like before more modern dentistry services in Edmonton were available. It’s not like dentistry was primitive in the 1950s and 1960s, but some amenities that people take for granted today were unusual or nonexistent. Most dentists did not employ hygienists, for example. They did all the teeth cleaning and polishing themselves. This meant that patients were forced to wait a great deal longer to have a regular cleaning session. Now, with fully skilled dental hygienists commonly doing this work, clinics can accept many more appointments. Dentists do the full oral examinations, and they also have more time to see patients for treatments such as cavity filling and root canal therapy.

Older individuals will remember having tartar scraped from their teeth, and periodically having to spit out rinse water and the bits of hard tartar into a little sink with constantly running water. That technology has gone by the wayside. Hygienists and dentists use suction devices in the mouth that clear away these substances without the need to stop work and let the patient spit.

Modern dentistry services in Edmonton also put forth substantial effort toward patient relaxation and comfort. Dental professionals have increasingly grown to understand how nervousness, anxiety, and even fear lead people to avoid going to the dentist, even for routine service. Nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, is an option to help patients relax while having full control over the amount of sedation they receive. Patients can also take a mild sedative before the appointment if they prefer to. The dentist prescribes this one-time medication.

Restorative dentistry is now better than ever. Patients can choose dental implants to replace missing teeth instead of dentures and bridges. Tooth-colored fillings look much more natural than the old-fashioned metal ones. Veneers applied to the front of teeth can change their shape to make them more attractive and uniform.

Hawkstone Dental Clinic provides the latest technology for patients, and makes sure their comfort is attended to.

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