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Looking to Sell a Dental Practice in California?

The decision to sell a dental practice in California takes a great deal of thought. It also takes preparation and time. The process should begin one to two years before the desired date of retirement or relocation. Keep in mind that practices in large cities tend to sell faster than those in small towns, so flexibility and patience are always major requirements.

Beginning Steps

Gathering information and paperwork is essential before a broker is even called. An inventory of all equipment, technology, and furniture is helpful. Revenues from the past five years, a list of regular clients, and any unique attributes of the practice need to be collected and ready for the consultation with the broker. It is also important to select a broker wisely.

Selecting a Broker

The best-qualified brokers to sell a dental practice in California are those who used to be dentists. They know the value of the property as well as the value of the client base and included equipment. The benefits of the location, the value of enticing support staff to stay, and even marketing for the upcoming transition are all within their capabilities.

Working with other professionals, such as accountants, real estate agents, and lawyers, for over thirty years provides a competitive edge to these experts over general commercial real estate agents. Helping sellers decide on fair selling prices and presenting practices in the best possible light are skills favorable to selling a practice. A comprehensive database of all current listings will assist buyers in comparing practices in the desired area of California and making a short list of those to be viewed.

Full Services

Taking a seller through the entire process is the emphasis of offering full services. No one is passed off to another department or agency to complete the next step. Sellers work with one broker from beginning to end. Visit the website for a breakdown of steps, informative articles on what to expect, and to set up an initial consultation to get answers to specific questions. Dentists work for decades building up successful practices, so they deserve to get the most benefits from any sale.