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The Link Between a Pediatric Dentist and Pediatrician in Newark NJ

When a child has their first tooth emerge, it is an exciting time. Parents take pictures and even purchase the child their first toothbrush. In most cases, a Pediatrician in Newark NJ will be the first medical professional to see and evaluate the health of the tooth or teeth. While going to the dentist is an important part of growing up, many children don’t go until they are three years old or more. This can lead to a number of issues. While a pediatrician may recommend that parents take their child to a pediatric dentist sooner, it is recommended that all parents do this by the time the child reaches the age of one.

Teeth and Whole Body Health

The teeth a person has provides insight about their overall health. In many cases, an issue in the mouth will provide an indication of a problem elsewhere in the body. While a Pediatrician in Newark NJ will likely look in a child’s mouth during good check-ups, they may not catch these often subtle indications of a more serious problem. However, a pediatric dentist will. They know what to look for and can let parents know when other issues may be present. This information is vital, as it allows parents to take on issues with their child’s health early.

Seeking Care at all Stages of Life

While children need to begin seeing a dentist when their first tooth breaks through the gums, they should also go back to the dentist at regular intervals. This will ensure their oral health continues to develop properly and minimize serious issues from developing. Failure to go to the dentist may lead to issues developing that are extremely serious. In the long run, this can cause problems for the child in their mouth, as well as other parts of their body.

There is no question that pediatricians and pediatric dentists work closely. They are on the front lines when it comes to minimizing child illnesses and diseases. If a parent is unsure if a child’s oral health is good, or when they need to schedule an appointment, they can contact the staff at ChildSmiles.FamilySmiles or Visit the website.