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Improve That Smile Using an Experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Long Island

Many people think the primary function of a dental office is to repair damaged teeth and prevent oral decay whenever possible, but this is only one half of the equation. In fact, more people are making appointments with cosmetic detist in Long Island than almost any other type. The unusual part of this is that many of the procedures used in cosmetic dentistry may also be used for general dentistry. Consider the implant. Dental implants are typically used to replace a missing tooth and prevent the shifting of other teeth. However, an implant can also improve the appearance of the smile so it may also be suggested by a cosmetic dentist.

Perhaps the most commonly requested procedure performed by a Cosmetic dentist in Long Island is dental whitening. This simple process involves a paste or gel made from carbamide peroxide. Carbamide is a mild form of peroxide which makes it a better choice for dental whitening. By itself, carbamide does very little, but mix it with a bit of water and a chemical reaction will occur. The carbamide is converted into hydrogen peroxide which does the actual whitening. If the complete process makes little sense, then think about the fact that the chemical conversion drives the hydrogen peroxide below the enamel for a deep clean.

It can be a long and difficult procedure to repair a tooth, but a damaged tooth or one that shows decay can be very ugly. Thankfully, a bit of cleaning and repair can fix the problem and a cap or crown can cover it. Crowns provide strength to the damaged tooth, but they also provide a unique, tooth like appearance that provides enough strength for biting and chewing. Caps and crowns can be placed on any teeth, but they are seldom mixed with the veneer unless the front teeth are in decent shape. This is because the teeth need to be strong to support a veneer and weakened teeth may crumble under pressure. By covering the tooth with a crown, the dentist ensures that much of the stress will be spread out over the surface of the crown instead of focused on a weak spot.