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Hygenic and Oral Care in Allentown are Important to a Healthy Smile

A healthy smile is so important. Not only do people need strong teeth to chew, but teeth are necessary for speaking properly, too. People also desire a beautiful smile, one that promotes confidence and welcomes others into conversation and friendship. If teeth are missing or broken, it’s hard to have confidence. It is also difficult to eat or speak. Damaged teeth may even be painful. Avoid all of that with proper oral hygiene provided by the dentist in Allentown, PA.

Our Services

Preventative treatments are a wonderful way to start and keep healthy teeth and gums. Yearly check-ups will find potential cavities, gum problems and other issues before they become real concerns. Regular cleanings can keep tartar from building up. Digital x-rays will show ‘soft spots’ and can help to determine where enamel may be eroding. This will help the dental staff to keep teeth healthy.

Cosmetic Smiles

There are many times when a healthy smile is not necessarily a beautiful smile. Coffee, tea or cigarettes may have stained teeth or turned them yellow. Accidents or illness may have caused teeth to break. Sometimes teeth may be missing or misaligned. A qualified dentist in Allentown, PA, can help create a dazzling smile that boosts confidence. Options like Zoom! tooth whitening, ICON white spot lesion reversal, and cosmetic resin bonding can help patients get whiter teeth that are straight and even. Aligners can straighten teeth without being noticeable. Broken or cracked teeth can be permanently covered with porcelain veneers. Many other treatment options are also available to patients looking for a healthier, brighter smile.

Visit Nurture Dental Health to discover the many ways our dentist and staff can fix and create beautiful smiles.