How to Choose a Broker to Help Sell Your Dental Practice in San Diego

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Dentist

Thinking of adding your dental practice to the list of dental offices for sale in San Diego? Choosing the right dental practice broker requires that the seller performs some due diligence.

Ask for References

If you know a dentist who sold their practice through a broker, ask about their experience with the broker. Did the broker satisfy their goals in selling their practice? Ask your lawyer or accountant to refer a broker. Ask the broker for referrals.

Ask How the Broker Gets Paid

Generally, the broker collects a commission after the sale of a practice. That payment arrangement may not be in the seller’s best interest. Ask your accountant if paying the broker post-sale will be financially detrimental to you.

Ask About the Broker’s Track Record

The broker has sold how many practices? On average how long does it take the broker to sell a practice?

Ask if The Broker Works Full-Time

A part-time broker may not put less effort into selling your practice than a full-time broker. Make sure the broker handles dental practice sales exclusively. Avoid brokers who sell dental practices as a sideline.

Ask Who Owns the Brokerage

A dental practice brokerage might be a subsidiary of a dental supply company. Such a brokerage may eliminate potential buyers because the buyer doesn’t do business with the parent company.

Learn More

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