How Can Dental Veneers In Birmingham MI Improve Your Smile

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Dentist

The appearance of your teeth can make you either feel confident or self-conscious about your smile. If your teeth are badly stained, malformed, gaped or damaged, you may try to avoid smiling altogether. When you have these issues, there are many ways to improve your smile. One of the most popular ways of covering your teeth, closing gaps and perfecting the appearance of your teeth is to get Dental Veneers in Birmingham MI. These porcelain veneers completely cover the front of your teeth, making them look beautiful, like never before.

How are Dental Veneers Placed on Your Teeth?

When the dentist begins the process of placing veneers on your teeth, you will be given a numbing agent so you do not feel any discomfort during the procedure. Once you are numb, the dentist will begin the process of removing the outer layer of your teeth. Removing this layer allows for room for the porcelain veneer. Once the layer of your tooth has been removed, the dentist will use a special tool to roughen the exterior.

The roughening process allows the veneer to better adhere to the tooth. Once the tooth surface has been prepared, the dentist will measure the veneer and make sure it fits perfectly over the tooth. If any portion of the veneer needs to be trimmed, the dentist will shape them until they fit perfectly. Once the veneers are shaped, they will be adhered using a special dental cement that hardens quickly and provides a permanent bond.

Once you have your Dental Veneers in Birmingham MI, you need to know how to properly care for them. You should avoid eating hard and crunchy foods and certain activities that could cause damage to your veneers. The dentist in Birmingham MI will inform you of how to care for your new teeth, so you do not experience issues and breakage.

If you are unhappy with your smile and wish you could improve it, contact DiPilla Robert, DDS. He can offer you many different dental services, restoring your smile and approving your appearance dramatically. Your self-confidence will soar, with your new smile.

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