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Healing Gum Disease Before Placement of a Dental Implant in Massapequa, NY

When someone has receding gums, this is evidence of a certain level of gum disease, which is a chronic infection of the tissue. Before placement of a dental implant in Massapequa, NY can be done to replace a tooth that was extracted, the periodontal disease and inflammation must be resolved. Thin, receding gums can be rebuilt beginning with a tissue graft completed by an oral surgeon.

Deep Cleaning and Gum Tissue Grafting

The first step is normally a deep cleaning, which removes of tartar below the gum line. In severe cases, surgery is necessary, but most patients respond effectively to the root planing and tooth scaling. In the future, brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily will usually prevent recurrence if the person does not smoke. Some individuals are more vulnerable to gum disease for genetic reasons.

If the gum tissue is not healthy and there are pockets around teeth, dental implants are likely to fail. The rods implanted in the jawbone do not fuse properly and come loose. A dental implant in Massapequa, NY can be placed once the gums are in a healthy state again and new tissue has grown attached to the graft.

Bone Grafting

Because a serious periodontal infection and inflammation can attack the jawbone, bone grafting may need to be performed as well. Both the gum tissue and the underlying bone must be healthy and strong for the implant rods to weld with the bone. In addition to people who have let periodontal disease go unchecked, tobacco smokers also may have compromised bone density in the jaw. Dentists and oral surgeons typically will not place implants when the patient has not yet quit smoking for good.

Ready for Implant Placement

Once the initial and essential dental work is completed, the patient is ready for dental implant placement at a clinic such as Business Name. Implants function just like natural teeth does since they are securely attached to the jawbone. Implants should be cleaned the same way as natural teeth too, with brushing and flossing to prevent gum inflammation and to decaying remove food particles that can cause bad breath.