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Frequently Asked Questions About The Services Of A Family Dentist In St George UT

Are you looking for a dentist to take care of all the dental needs of you and your family? If so, you should contact a Family Dentist St George UT area professional and schedule an appointment. To learn what a family dentist can do to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What does a family dentist do to help children have healthy teeth?

A.) As soon as a child turns one year of age, or right after the first tooth erupts through the gums, parents should bring their child to a dentist. Tooth care at an early age is very important and children should have regularly scheduled checkups twice a year. It’s not uncommon for children to develop cavities at an early age and during an exam, a dentist can detect any tooth problems before they get too bad. Dentists often recommend sealants for young children to help prevent them from getting cavities. A sealant is a substance that’s applied to the chewing surface of the molars and it keeps plaque from getting down into the small crevices of the teeth and forming cavities.

Q.) What types of procedures can a dentist to to help adults improve the appearance of their teeth?

A.) Many family dentists can give adults a smile makeover to correct many tooth problems that are visible when a person smiles. These often include teeth whitening procedures, bonding and veneers. After a tooth whitening procedure, a patient’s teeth will immediately be several shades lighter. Patients who have a gap between their teeth can have dental bonding, which covers the space between the front teeth. To cover up stained teeth or chipped teeth, many patients schedule an appointment with a Family Dentist St George UT area professional to have veneers placed on their front teeth. Veneers are super thin coverings that hide imperfections on a patient’s front teeth.

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