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Four Treatments Provided by a Cosmetic Dentist in Annapolis to Enhance a Patient’s Smile

A Cosmetic Dentist in Annapolis helps patients who feel embarrassed about their teeth. They may not like to smile in a way that shows their teeth, fearing that others will notice problems of misalignment, uneven shapes, gaps or discoloration. Using various strategies, dentists can rejuvenate a smile and make it look remarkably attractive.


The most common procedure offered for cosmetic reasons in a dental clinic is whitening. Simply brightening the tooth enamel can work wonders in helping a patient look younger and lose the nervousness about smiling.

Invisible Braces

Another common treatment is achieving better alignment of teeth through the help of invisible braces. These removable devices gradually bring teeth into proper alignment, but there is no requirement for a year or two of metal braces.

Fixed and Removable Bridges

A fixed or removable bridge can be placed if one or more teeth has fallen out or needed to be extracted. Dentists encourage patients to choose dental implants to replace missing teeth, but not everyone can afford this option.

Application of Veneers

Many patients have veneers applied to the front of teeth by a Cosmetic Dentist in Annapolis. These porcelain shells cover many flaws, such as discoloration that cannot be removed through whitening. They can cover gaps between teeth if the person does not want to wait for bracing devices to accomplish this. They can make teeth that are too short appear a normal length. They also cover chips that detract from a near-perfect smile.

The application of veneers at a clinic such as Annapolis Dental Associates is the only one of these four treatments that requires some invasive work on the teeth. Some of the enamel must be removed so the veneers don’t stick out further than the other teeth.

Conscious Sedation

Patients who are nervous about dental treatments can opt for conscious sedation to help them relax. Laughing gas, medically known as nitrous oxide, is advantageous for this purpose. Patients also may choose a sedating pill or liquid taken just prior to the appointment, but they will need a ride home afterward. Conscious sedation drastically reduces anxiety and may even eliminate anxious feelings completely.