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Foods for Teeth whitening in Oyster Bay NY

Teeth whitening toothpaste, cosmetic procedures, and frequent professional teeth cleanings are wonderful ways to whiten teeth. However, one of the easiest way to naturally whiten teeth is to eat certain foods that contain whitening benefits. To easily whiten teeth, use these foods for Teeth whitening in Oyster Bay NY.

Eat Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most popular types of food that are known to make teeth sparkling white. Strawberries contain malic acid. When consumed, the malic acid will act as an astringent to the teeth. In turn, many surface stains to the teeth will be whitened or completely removed. Strawberries can be great in any type of meal. Try them with salads, fruit cups, cereal, and delicious desserts.

Eat Peanuts

Besides being extremely healthy because of their Omega 3’s and protein content, peanuts are also wonderful snacks to eat in order to remove stains on teeth. Because the texture of peanuts is abrasive, they will rub the stains and plaque off of the teeth. Eat peanuts in salads, Asian-inspired dinners, and alone as a simple and convenient snack.

Eat Celery

Celery is well known for being a weight loss aid. Besides being great for the waist line, celery can also be used to whiten teeth. Because celery has a high content of water, it will help produce saliva when chewed. The stimulation of saliva will help whiten teeth. Along with that, the stimulation of saliva can help wash away food debris stuck inside the mouth. Celery is wonderful in a salad or alone for a quick and healthy snack.

Drink Water

Water is needed to keep the body hydrated and in its best shape. Water also is beneficial to teeth. When munching darkly pigmented foods or drinking that glass of red wine, make sure to drink a couple of glasses of water too. Drinking water will help prevent staining on the teeth. Stay away from sparkling water, as this can cause enamel damage to the teeth.

The four foods and beverages above are wonderful foods for Teeth whitening in Oyster Bay NY. For other all natural ways to whiten teeth, contact Locust Valley Dental Group or click here to visit their website.