FAQs About Dental Services In Syracuse, NY For Treating Periodontal Disease

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Dentist

In New York, dental professionals provide effective treatment for periodontal disease. This permanent gum disease produces severe damage and leads to tooth loss. The following are FAQs about Dental Services Syracuse NY for treating periodontal disease.

What are the Most Common Signs of Periodontal Disease?

The most common signs of periodontal disease are bleeding and inflammation of the gums. The gums begin to recede away from the teeth. Patients develop sores that appear inside their mouth, and they may discover a discharged around their gums. The patient is more likely to notice bleeding when they brush, floss, or eat.

What are Scaling and Planing?

Scaling and planing are dental cleaning procedures used to address the results of periodontal disease. The dentist begins by removing any plaque and debris that has accumulated on the gums or tooth enamel. Next, they remove damaged gum tissue that may lead to infections. Finally, they clean out pockets that have formed around the top of the gums. Typically, food and bacteria accumulate inside the pockets. Without proper dental care, the debris could become discolored and produce a foul odor.

What are Common Risks Associated with Gum Disease?

The common risks associated with gum disease begins with tooth loss and infections. If the gums continue to recede, the teeth may loosen. If this happens, the patient is more likely to look the affected teeth. Next, if bacteria and debris aren’t removed daily, the patient develops an infection. These infections could enter the bloodstream and lead to more severe conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

What are Recommended Treatments for At Home?

Patients who are showing early signs of gum disease should use a medicated mouthwash. The mouthwash must be formulated to fight the effects of gingivitis. The patient must use the mouthwash twice daily.

In New York, dental professionals offer guidance for patients with the signs of periodontal disease. They recommend treatment strategies to mitigate risks associated with the disease. This includes but is not limited to tooth loss and infection. Patients who need Dental Services Syracuse NY contact Elite Dental & Denture PC or Visit Online for more information now.

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