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Enjoy Beautiful Implant Teeth in New Iberia, LA

The choice to implant teeth into your mouth to replace lost natural teeth is no new concept but the technology used today to attach false teeth is far more advanced and successful than ever. It may be that you lost one or more teeth after a serious injury or simply due to old age, but the results are the same regardless of your original reason for the service. You will be able to smile with ease and without worry. Implants come with a number of advantages over other tooth replacement options such as dentures because they are permanent and perform exactly the same way that your original teeth did before their loss.


The choice to implant teeth in New Iberia, LA is one that will make your ability to speak, chew, and otherwise use your mouth properly simple and easy again. You deserve to eat all of the foods that make you happy, including those that are hard and crunchy such as butterscotch candies, and implants from dental facilities such as Babineaux Family Dental will ensure that this is exactly what you get to do. The implanted teeth are every bit as strong and durable as your original teeth and are far less likely to break or crack because they will not become damaged by cavities over time.

Natural Appearance

New implant teeth look exactly the same as your original teeth, right down to the pearl-like luster, and this is all you need to smile with confidence after you have the new teeth placed in your mouth. The process is relatively simple and fast; however, you will have some downtime to recover from the implant, which will be thoroughly explained to you by your dental professional before you receive the treatment. These beautiful new teeth will last for the rest of your life and remain fixed firmly in place even if you eat crunchy or hard foods for every meal of the day.