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Do You Need a Dental Bridge or Other Dental Work?

If you have missing teeth, you may need a dental bridge. Missing teeth can cause you to be shy or ashamed about smiling. This can affect your work, social life, and your overall happiness. You can easily have missing teeth replaced with a dental bridge from competent and compassionate dentists in Waikoloa. This means of replacement is a normal process many people go through to improve their smile and their overall dental health. The most common type of bridge is a traditional bridge that is made of porcelain and resembles natural teeth. The bridge itself has two crowns that are attached over two of your anchoring teeth and the pontics, or artificial teeth, that fill the gap from your missing teeth.

Damaged Teeth Call for Dental Crowns

You may need a dental crown for teeth that are damaged. A crown is basically a cover that encases the damaged tooth so it can be restored to the original size and shape of your natural tooth. If you have decayed, broken or fractured teeth, then crowns can be used to fix them. They are also used for root canals, for cosmetic purposes, and large fillings. If you are concerned about damaged teeth, it is a good idea to ask your dentist about having crowns placed to cover them.

Fillings Do Not Have to Be Unattractive

If you have cavities that require a filling, you don’t have to settle for a filling that’s unattractive. You can have an inlay or customized filling, instead that is made from tooth-colored porcelain. Dental laboratories make inlays that can be permanently fixed to your tooth by a professional dentist. This is a great way to conservatively repair your teeth and have the filling perfectly match the rest of your teeth. You can count on an inlay to de durable for many years giving you an even bigger reason to smile.

What Exactly Is an Onlay?

An onlay is similar to an inlay; however an onlay includes restoration of your chewing cusps. Onlays are also made of porcelain so they easily resemble your teeth. They are also created in a dental laboratory to be placed on your teeth later. While you are having any inlays restored, you can also have onlays placed too. At Kubo Brian S. DDS Inc. you can expect gentle and compassionate treatment for all of dental work such as crowns, fillings, inlays, and onlays.

Brian S. Kubo DDS, Inc. is one of the best dentists in Waikoloa available today. Contact his office to schedule an appointment and put your dental health in his capable hands.