Do I Really Need a Root Canal in Hemet?

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Dentist

Few things cause more anxiety and dread than hearing that you need a root canal. However, few people know that the actual procedure is not difficult or painful to you as a patient, especially as it relieves the excruciating pain you are probably in already. If you need a Root Canal in Hemet, there is nothing to fear!

Root canals are used to save badly damaged or diseased teeth. A tooth might become damaged from a facial trauma, eating something hard that cracks it, or even from another dental procedure. If a tooth is damaged in a way so that the nerve becomes infected or the dental pulp is damaged, a root canal is typically required.

The dental pulp is the soft area inside of a tooth. It is made up of vessels, tissue, and nerves. Usually, a tooth that needs a root canal will hurt badly when you try to chew or put pressure on it. Very hot or cold food might cause you intense pain, and your face might even be swollen near the tooth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should contact David May, DDS and get the help you need. This pain will NOT go away on its own! You must visit a dentist as soon as you possibly can. You are at risk for painful infection or an abscessed tooth as well.

When a root canal is performed, both the nerves and dental pulp of the tooth are removed by a dentist. This is because bacteria can get into the pulp and cause an abscessed tooth, if it hasn’t already. An abscessed tooth is excruciatingly painful and happens with an abscess, or pocket of bacteria, forms on the root of a tooth.

Sometimes, people requiring root canals already have an abscessed tooth by the time they seek a Root Canal in Hemet, which only adds to their incredible pain and discomfort. It also can cause the need for antibiotics to stop the infection from entering the bloodstream. After the pulp and nerves are removed, the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Nerves aren’t necessary for teeth to remain functional–they only sense hot and cold.

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