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Dentures in Newark NJ: An Affordable and Effective Option for Replacing Teeth

Dentists generally encourage their patients with missing teeth to have dental implants if possible, but not everyone can afford this option. That’s especially true if they need to replace a full upper or lower set of teeth, or both. Not everyone has dental insurance, and that coverage doesn’t always pay for all costs. Dentures in Newark NJ provide an alternative short-term or permanent option for false teeth. This long-standing method of replacing natural teeth has been relied upon for many decades, helping people regain an attractive smile and be able to chew effectively without discomfort.

Today, Dentures in Newark NJ are more natural-looking and more comfortable than ever before. That’s good news for people who are a little wary of the devices because they remember a grandparent who was somewhat dissatisfied with the comfort level. Dentists strongly encourage patients to return for a consultation if any discomfort lingers after the initial period of getting accustomed to wearing these false teeth. At first, the individual will need to come back for brief checkups to make sure the dentures fit properly and if any adjustments are needed.

Patients also should let the dentist know if the dentures eventually start feeling less comfortable than before. Sometimes the gum and jawbone structure changes just enough to make the fit less precise than it was original. In addition, a certain amount of wear to the false teeth can be expected over time, and that changes the fit as well. Adjustments can often be made to the dentures to improve the fit. After many years, new dentures may be necessary. At any time, the denture wearer can consult with the dentist to see if implants are still a possibility. Many dentists offer both services, including ChildSmilesFamilySmiles. This practice provides care in pediatric and general dentistry for patients of all ages.

Dentists try to save their patients’ natural teeth whenever they can, but sometimes the teeth are too deteriorated. People who are prone to decay or infections may feel better when they finally have their remaining teeth extracted and replaced with dentures. This is an affordable and effective option for most individuals. Click here to learn more about this particular organization.