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A Dental Clinic in St Peter, MN Will Provide The Quality Of Care Your Family Needs

Are you looking for an experienced dental practice that can provide your entire family with the quality of care you want? A Dental Clinic in St Peter MN will provide the preventative, restorative, cosmetic, teeth straightening, tooth replacement, and many other services you’ll need throughout your life. Do you hate finding out you have a large cavity that developed under a previous filling? New technology with laser detection can provide the dentist another tool to painlessly determine when decay has started before it becomes worse. The sound of a drill is something many patients don’t like. New technology now provides drill-less dentistry that sprays away decay without the use of a drill.

Teeth can be lost due to injury, illness, medication, and a variety of other reasons. Replacing the missing teeth as soon as possible can prevent shifting and damage to the remaining teeth. A dental clinic in St Peter, MN can implant a tooth that will be permanent and treated just like a natural tooth. The process takes two to three visits and requires a small titanium post to be inserted into the jaw bone. Healing of the gum tissue and bone around the post will take two to three months. When healing is complete, a patient will return for a permanent crown to be attached to the post. The implant will be complete, and the crown will look and feel like a natural tooth.

When a tooth is chipped, or there’s a large gap between the teeth, veneers are a great solution to the problem. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that can be applied to the front of the teeth. It can be made in the same color as the other teeth. It will close a gap, cover a color discoloration or a chipped tooth. If only one tooth needs a veneer, it will match the other teeth.

Going to one dentist for an entire family’s dental care allows the dentist to know the entire family and their dental needs. There’s no reason to look any longer for a dentist after you visit Website Domain. Their caring and experienced staff members are always ready to deliver the best dental care possible.