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Create a Beautiful Smile by Using Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving a smile can take a lot of work and every patient is a little different. Thankfully, Cosmetic Dentists in Laurel MD have a large assortment of procedures to choose from when creating that beautiful smile. For instance, the most commonly requested procedure when visiting Cosmetic Dentists in Laurel MD is teeth whitening. Dental whitening is a simple process that begins with one form of peroxide and changes it into another. The chemical process actually drives the peroxide below the enamel and begins the actual whitening.

The second most common procedure performed by Cosmetic Dentists in Laurel MD is dental veneers. The veneer is a thin layer of very fine material placed over one of lesser quality. This procedure is often used in furniture making to improve the look of the product. The same is true for dental veneers because they also improve the look of the teeth. Veneers are made from a porcelain material and custom created for each patient. This allows for a better fit and hardly any filing or grinding to install them.

Perhaps the easiest procedure performed by Cosmetic Dentists in Laurel MD is bonding and shaping. The main benefit of this treatment is due to it being the least invasive method of making certain repairs. Plus, most people find it more cost effective than the alternatives. Bonding works by placing a tooth colored putty in the gap or over the surface to be shaped. The putty is adjusted until it sets, so the tooth is as close to the final shape as possible. This leaves only the final shaping, so the tooth feels like the original.

For those folks with fewer options due to missing or damaged teeth, don’t worry. There is help for this as well. Cosmetic Dentists in Laurel MD can use dental implants to replace missing teeth. This process uses an inert material as an anchor that is then inserted into the jawbone. Once the wound is allowed to heal, the dentist will cover it with a porcelain crown. However, if multiple teeth are missing or there is the need for a bridge or denture, and then the implants will need to be used to hold the prosthesis in place. If it is time for some cosmetic dentistry, then read the full info here.