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Common Reasons for Early Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Elk Grove Village

Wisdom tooth extractions in Elk Grove Village are typically performed during the late teens or early adult years. Usually, the procedure is done with the patient under sedation or general anesthesia.

Reasons for Removal

Why do we have wisdom teeth removed? At this relatively young age, extraction of all four may be performed to prevent future problems. Keeping those teeth clean and free of cavities can be difficult because they are so far to the back. Removing those large molars in middle age or older is a complicated process because, by then, the teeth are fully attached to the jawbone. At an earlier age, the roots are less developed, and extraction is easier.

Why do we have wisdom teeth removed? Often, as these molars begin appearing, one or more are not growing in properly. They might be at an angle and starting to crowd the other teeth. Sometimes a tooth becomes impacted and stops growing. The dentist may recommend extracting all four as a preventive measure.


After wisdom tooth extractions in Elk Grove Village, patients are scheduled for a follow-up appointment during the next week. The dentist makes sure the incisions are healing properly and answers any questions the patient has.

Patients should avoid vigorous exercise for the first week or two until the gum tissue has fully healed. This can be determined by checking the mirror to see whether the open space has closed. The healing blood clot that initially formed there is gone. It hasn’t fallen out too soon; people know when that happens because the air in the wound causes noticeable pain.

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