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Are You Looking For A Dentist In Kona?

Whether someone’s facing a dental problem or needs to have preventative care or dental work performed, they will find an experienced Dentist in Kona. A full-service dentist can provide all the dental care a patient needs. If a patient is less than happy with their current smile, there are a lot of solutions to missing teeth, and gaps are never a problem for an experienced dentist.

Feeling Anxious?

Visiting a dentist causes anxiety for many people. This could be caused from a poor dental experience in the past or weren’t properly sedated for a serious dental treatment. Today’s dentists who are about their patients offer sedation dentistry. Sedation will be given to a patient before they arrive at the dental office and sedation will continue throughout their treatment.

In some situations, the patient will need to have someone drive them home after a procedure. If a patient is fearful of a dentist, they should speak with the office staff when they call to schedule an appointment. A patient should never feel afraid or ashamed to discuss this with the dentist’s office.

Flawed Teeth

When there’s flaws in the teeth because of injury, illness, genetics, or any other reason, a Dentist in Kona can help. Porcelain veneers offer a non-invasive treatment to fix the teeth. Veneers can close gaps between the teeth. A small piece of porcelain can be attached to the front of the tooth and give the appearance of a perfect tooth. The veneers will look identical to the other teeth. These are different from a crown because they only cover the front of the tooth.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth cause self-esteem issues, jaw pain, and shifting of the teeth. Dental implants permanently fix the problem of a missing tooth. A small post is inserted into the bone and serves as the root of the tooth. After healing has completed, a patient will return, and a permanent cap will be attached to the post. Healing from the post implant can take two or three months to complete.

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