Advanced Equipment Used by Dentists in Annpolis

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Dentist

Dentistry continues to advance via technology to make procedures faster, more precise, and less painful. Some treatments that traditionally took up to three visits to Dentists in Annapolis now can be completed in one appointment. This lowers costs and saves people time and inconvenience.

A Proper Look

One advancement is the intraoral camera that allows dentists and patients to see real-time images of the entire mouth. The dentist can see cavities, the gum line, and any problems clearly regardless of the position in the mouth. This is a vast improvement over taking x-rays to determine the condition of back teeth and gums.

Patients can view areas of concern and have a better understanding of the recommended procedures and why they are needed. The images ensure clear communication when discussing options for everything from preventative measures to restorations.

Consistent Injections

Patients who do not like needles, have sensitive teeth, or feel pain as injections are administered will want to seek out Dentists in Annapolis equipped with the wand. Pain is high when Novocain is injected too fast. The wand is a computer-controlled injection that is delivered at a slow and steady pace to reduce pain and discomfort.

It is easy for a dentist to misjudge the speed and pressure of an injection. The tool eliminates the human touch and is more comfortable than traditional injections. The needle is smaller and thinner, so anxiety is less among patients.


This term refers to the combination of laser energy and water produced by the Waterlase Dental Laser. A drill is no longer needed when performing gum and bone surgical procedures, decay removal, root canals, and cavity preparation. The result is fewer shots and less anesthesia for many dental services.

The noise level is lower and there is no dust or debris around the tooth and gums of the affected area. The thought of a drill being used is a factor in the tendency to prolong dental care. All this technology is found at Annapolis Dental Associates and offices across the country.

Patients are more likely to make appointments for preventative care and maintain strong and healthy teeth. The days of dreading the dentist chair are becoming a thing of the past.

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