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3 Denture Care Tips

Whether you are a new denture wearer or you have been wearing dentures for several years, it never hurts to be reminded of the best ways to care for them. Caring for your dentures is the same as caring for any other aid that helps you accomplish a feat. Since you rely on it, keep it safe and clean. If you notice that your dentures could be broken, have a crack or do not feel comfortable, professional Denture Repair Tacoma WA is available.

Here are three denture care tips to consider.

Handle Carefully

Your dentures are sturdy enough to help you eat and talk, but when they are not in your mouth, they should be handled carefully. You never know when they can accidentally fall off a table because they were too close to the edge. If there are little people who visit you often, you want to ensure your dentures are kept safely away from their curious, tiny hands. When you remove them, you are encouraged to use a smooth motion that will not hurt your gums or mouth. This keeps the dentures safe, too.

Clean After Eating

After you eat, you are encouraged to clean your dentures. If you did not have dentures, dental professionals recommend that all patients brush their teeth after every meal. The goal is to remove any particles that get stuck in between your teeth or on the edges of your gums. So, cleaning your dentures after every meal is simply good dental hygiene.

Soak Dentures Overnight

To clean your dentures, you are advised to soak them overnight. Before you place them back in your mouth in the morning, be sure you have rinsed them thoroughly.

If you notice your dentures are not quite right, Denture Repair Tacoma WA professionals can help.