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Reviewing Vital Services Provided By A Dentist in Waimanalo

In Hawaii, dentists perform a variety of services to improve the look and function of the teeth. They also take measures to prevent gum disease and provide helpful advice to their patients. A Dentist in Waimanalo affords local patients with these vital services.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

The dentists provide comprehensive cleaning services for their patients. Basic cleaning services allow the hygienist to remove debris and plaque. These substances lead to damage if they aren’t addressed properly. More complex cleaning or scaling and planing is used for patients with existing periodontal disease. The services improve the health of the teeth and gums. The patient has access to these services twice a year.

Correcting Severe Damage

Severe damage is corrected through a variety of services. Damage is addressed with fillings initially. The treatment is provided when a cavity causes damage. However, if the tooth is broken, dental bonding is used to correct the damage. The dentist applies porcelain or a composite resin to the tooth. They use a sander to shape the tooth appropriately. They use an ultraviolet lamp to cure the materials.

Managing Emergency Dental Services

Dentists provide emergency dental services when serious conditions arise. The dentist addresses dislodged teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, and painful infections. The dentist provides these services during and after business hours. They provide pain medication, antibiotics, and surgical procedures as needed by the patient. They schedule a follow-up appointment to evaluate the affected tooth and ensure that no further damage has occurred.

Assessing Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth present patients with serious pain. Since a gum flap occurs with these teeth, the risk of infection is higher than average. At the onset of an infection, the patient should visit their dentist. These infections could lead travel into the bloodstream and cause life-threatening circumstances.

In Hawaii, dentists perform services to protect, correct and enhance the teeth and gums. The procedures are used to identify existing damage and conditions that lead to tooth loss and gum disease. The dentist determines what treatment is right for the patient based on any current conditions that exist. Patients who wish to schedule an appointment with their local dentist in Waimanalo should visit our website for more information today.