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Choosing The Best Children’s Dentist In Chatswood

Most people don’t realise that their child should start seeing a dentist before the first tooth erupts or just afterward. Whether your child is just sporting a new tooth or has all of their pearly whites, it’s never too late to see a children’s dentist such as Artarmon Dentists in Chatswood. It’s essential that you choose someone who’s competent and has the extra schooling that paediatric dentists receive. Likewise, you should feel comfortable with them, as should your child.


Paediatric dentists will have completely two or three more years of training beyond traditional dental school. They will also be educated in child psychology, development, and growth. They should have a staff that is welcoming, as well as a cheerful and fun office. They’re likely to include toys and other equipment suitable for children, as well as books and other child-friendly options, including character toothbrushes, televisions with popular kids’ shows, and more.

What To Do Before The Visit

You’ve searched high and low and have finally found one or two options that you think will be best. Call the children’s dentist in Chatswood first and talk to reception, asking questions about special training and whether or not the professional is a member of any organisation or association.

You can also ask how the office is set up for kids and if they can handle emergencies if they arise. If you have insurance, you should ask them if they accept your plan, as well.

During The Visit

A children’s dentist in Chatswood already knows that you care about your child more than anything in the world. They should also focus on your child during the visit and be warm and welcoming. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be honest about the visit. If, afterward, you liked how you and your child were treated, you will feel comfortable about going back again and again.