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An Easy Solution for Gum Disease: Learning More about Laser Treatments in Southington, CT

Periodontitis, which is also referred to as periodontal disease or gum disease, is a serious infection that can cause considerable damage to the gums around your teeth and will eventually lead to jawbone degradation. Shown below are some statistics regarding this increasingly common affliction:

• There are about three million documented cases of periodontitis per year, but millions continue to remain undiagnosed.

• As a result of this unawareness and people’s aversion to dentists, it is estimated that 47% of Americans have some form of gum disease.

• Within this projection, approximately 9% have mild periodontitis, 30% have a moderate condition, and 8% are struggling with severe cases.

However, with the rise of safe and effective laser treatments over the past several years, we now have an accessible, comprehensive solution to cure gum disease once and for all.

How Does the Process Work?

If you are interested in scheduling personalized laser treatments in Southington, CT, it’s important to understand exactly what to expect. The treatment steps are as follows:

1. A quick examination is performed to determine the extent of your oral problems.

2. The infected tissue is removed with a highly precise laser tool.

3. Root scaling is performed to eliminate any built-up plaque and bacteria deposits.

4. Any coarse areas that might cause infections in the future are removed.

After the procedure is completed, the area between your gum and tooth root will begin to regenerate almost immediately.

What Are the Advantages?

In stark contrast to the invasive surgical solutions of years past, laser treatments are renowned for being able to provide a myriad of benefits, such as the following:

• No pain or swollen gum tissues

• No need for general anesthetic

• Little to no bleeding

• Expedited recovery period

• Protection of healthy tissues

As such, contemporary laser treatments represent the number one solution for rectifying all forms of periodontitis, which is why thousands of Americans are beginning to rely on this proven, highly effective treatment option.

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