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A Dentist in Waterford, CT Can Cover Your Unsightly Tooth With a Crown

When a tooth has been severely damaged or is badly stained or deformed, a dentist can offer a patient a crown. Crowns can be used for both cosmetic and protective reasons and are sometimes needed to help a patient avoid losing their tooth when it is not strong enough to withstand the pressure of chewing. It is important individuals understand what to expect when they have a crown put in place so they can be prepared for their appointment with the Dentist in Waterford CT.

Crowns can be made by a special computer in the dental office or are sometimes made by an outside dental lab. Either method works to ensure the crown will precisely fit over the patient’s tooth and have similar coloration as the surrounding teeth so the results look as natural as possible. Before the crown can be put in place, the patient’s tooth must be prepared.

The preparation process involves making the tooth much smaller and less square. Most dentists liken the finished shape to a peg. A peg shape slides easily inside the crown, allowing the crown to adhere to the original tooth. Making the tooth smaller and rounder makes it more secure and can allow the dentist to remove the damaged portions of the tooth so further damage does not continue.

The average crown lasts between five and fifteen years ,but some patients find their crowns lasting much longer, especially if they receive proper maintenance and care by their dentist. Crowns will need to be properly maintained so they do not become damaged because of chewing and biting down.

The tooth will be numbed before it is shaped so individuals should feel no pain. There may be some soreness after the numbing agent wears off and the dentist will instruct their patient on what can be done to relieve any discomfort.

If you are in need of a crown, it is important to contact the Dentist in Waterford CT.  They provide many dental services to help their patients keep healthy and beautiful smiles. Call today to schedule an appointment with the office.